Today, a choice bit from ‘Tale of the Troika’, a quote from Farfuriks, one of the incompetent Troika bureaucrat blabbermouths and a self-proclaimed great lover of ‘our wonderful, gifted activist young people’. Strugackis have him repeat the Russian word meaning ‘struggle’, which has deep Marxist roots and was much used in Soviet times. However, the usage of the English word has been in decline since the 90s, so I employ a more modern expression:

Today’s young people are not activist enough, they don’t pay enough attention to activism, they don’t aspire to broaden the scope of their activism, to work towards making activism the principal, highest priority task of all their activism, but should our wonderful, gifted young people continue to neglect activism, they will have little chance to become truly activist, to become persons who are always working towards becoming a true activist, an activist who works towards making his activism…

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