» nydwracu explains that Anonymous is a tool of the status quo. I didn’t really think about Anonymous, so this was surprising and obvious at the same time.

» Chuck Rudd posts on the decline of excellence as evidenced by skilled trades. Commenter Kyle sums up the post in one sentence: ‘The air of professionalism has gone out of everything.’ Couldn’t agree more, although I myself am far from guiltless in this. Here is a charming old-world anecdote on professionalism my Dad likes to tell: A locksmith was just finishing a lock when a customer called. The customer noticed that he was polishing the inside of the lock as well as the outside, and asked, “What are you doing that for? No-one will ever see the inside of the lock after it’s installed.” The locksmith replied, “You won’t see it, I won’t see it, but God will see it.”

« Even medical doctors have stopped bothering with safe sex. Sure, condoms suck and should be improved, but this sort of thing is a very bad symptom overall.

« Continuing on the STD angle, here is an excellent gallery of WWI and WWII-era STD prevention posters.

« Poor Wall Street workadays stressed and suffering from bonus reductions (not from the Onion.) Predictable shitstorm in comments.

« NYT on the prevalence of Asians and the dearth of Blacks in elite NY public high schools (Stuyvesant HS has been majority Asian for many years already). Commenter Trishalish, herself Black, is disgusted by her people’s behavior: ‘[the kids] spen[d] their entire childhood wearing their college tuition on their feet!’

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