I realize this is rather old hat, but the situation has not changed all that much since AMcGuinn wrote seven years ago

The recent murder of Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands by Islamist extremists illustrates one further point. In the days following, more than 20 Mosques or Muslim schools have been burnt down. (I did not know that! — C) For a European country, the prospect of a civil war against radicalised Muslim immigrants is something to be feared, but there is no need to fear losing one. At the end of the day, like any other immigrant group, Muslims in Europe live on the sufferance of the majority population. The Muslims would trigger genocidal violence against themselves long before they could become a serious threat to the host populations. This is little comfort from a humanitarian viewpoint, but it exposes talk of “Eurabia” as so much hyperbole.

I feel those who talk about Eurabia make the unconscious mistake of thinking most European population like themselves, whereas in certain important respects this is emphatically not the case. Most alt-righters are too smart to have a natural understanding of the average European, whose IQ is around 100 (for the record, I consider IQ to be important but not the measure of man). Not to put too fine a point on it, most alt-righters are too smart and too squeamish to go burn down mosques, but the average European isn’t. ABB is an anomaly in this respect, an anomaly further underscored by the spectacle of many alt-righters falling over themselves in their haste to disown him for his use of violence rather than for the fundamental error of ABB’s strategy and the questionable morality of his tactics. There is a well-known (in Russia) quote by Lenin, originally about the decembrists:

Narrow is these revolutionaries’ circle; terribly distant are they from the people.

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