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Genetic engineering

West Hunter worries about potential problems in a scenario where genetic engineering vastly increases human intelligence: There are some possible problems with this scenario. The new & improved humans might not like us. They might be crazy: the risk for … Continue reading

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Like many others, I scan the New York Times to learn what the Cathedral is thinking and to get heads-up on the most important events, but we know better than to rely on its reporting. It is not often outright … Continue reading

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Malaysian Airlines MH17 shoot-down in Eastern Ukraine

Image: Wikipedia Regarding same, a lot of self-professed ‘military experts’ have been saying that the pro-Russian rebels/separatists could not have shot down MH17 with a “Buk” missile because “it would take too much coordination” or “many years of training” or … Continue reading

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Putinophilia and Ukraine

The ongoing Ukrainian crisis has produced, especially in the last month, an explosion of odd bedfellows, stupendous displays of credulity and motivated thoughtlessness (I like this better than motivated cognition) among the so-called alternative media and on the right generally. … Continue reading

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This post expands on a comment I made a week ago at Isegoria’s, about the Russian system as reconstructed by Putin. I said that Putin has consolidated his control of Russia to such an extent that he need not bother … Continue reading

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Recently I have been observing a mild attack of Putinophilia in the neoreactionary circles specifically and on the Right generally. I can distinguish three sources of this phenomenon, more or less corresponding to our three components. The first source is … Continue reading

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Bryan Caplan on Open Borders: Converting the Faithful

A week ago, Dr. Caplan has solicited opinions on how persuasive his arguments in favor of unrestricted immigration have been. His post has accumulated 102 comments as of this writing, most of them containing answers to his question. I took … Continue reading

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